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Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert
Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert

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How to Be Seen As an Expert Or Authority Figure
by Tom Justin
Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, you can now create higher levels of credibility to impress your peers, potential customers, associates or employers. You can do this by creating a powerful online digital presence. Your digital presence can be anything from websites, ezine articles, blogs, ebooks, special reports, online courses, social websites to an online newsletter. You will eventually want to be thinking of most to all of the above. But one step at a time!
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  • Surefire Tips on Starting a Boutique
    by Eveline Wong
    If you are like an ever growing number of people the world over, you may be interested in starting your own business. If that is the case, you may be interested in opening a boutique. Through this art...
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  • Starting Child Day Care Businesses
    by Miriam Boh
    Starting child day care businesses is a good way to make extra money, especially for stay at home moms. Like any other businesses, there are areas that you need to carefully consider before getting th...
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  • Ways To Achieve Success In A Home Based Business
    by Amilu Stewart
    Are you currently commuting 1 to 2 hours to work each day? Then perhaps a home based business would appeal to you. Or are you tired of working for someone else and feel the need for independence that ...
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  • Small Business Recession Survival - Tactics to Migrate Your Service Business to Greener Pastures
    by Deborah Sawyer
    All businesses are vulnerable to shrinking in a recession, but service businesses - those offering a service rather than a product - are particularly vulnerable to an economic downturn. Here are some...
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  • The Right Way to Build Up Your Small Business
    by Kaye Marks
    Large conglomerates have similarly large advertising budgets allowing forays into all sorts of marketing avenues. Small businesses do not have such luxuries. They must make every advertising dollar co...
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