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Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert
Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert

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How to Be Seen As an Expert Or Authority Figure
by Tom Justin
Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, you can now create higher levels of credibility to impress your peers, potential customers, associates or employers. You can do this by creating a powerful online digital presence. Your digital presence can be anything from websites, ezine articles, blogs, ebooks, special reports, online courses, social websites to an online newsletter. You will eventually want to be thinking of most to all of the above. But one step at a time!
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  • Another generic; another dirty trick
    by West Conner
    Another antihistamine is now available in generic, potentially saving you money at the pharmacy counter. Zyrtec had $1.2 billion in sales in 2006, the latest figure available. Whenever a patent expires and the generic becomes available, the manufacturer loses virtually 100% of sales.
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  • Tips to Stop Your Snoring
    by West Conner
    A good night's sleep is essential for good health. Snoring is a common problem that limits both your rest as well as your spouse's. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, approximately 25 percent of the population are habitual snorers. Men are more likely to snore as well as those who are overweight.
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  • Living Consciously
    by John Michael Christian
    Our issues as a human race both nationally and globally are in a dire state at this point. To change it, we MUST begin to change the think that created it and begin to make more conscious choices and decisions.
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  • How to get a month of FREE medication
    by West Conner
    Drugstore.com is offering its \"Free 30\" program to help their customers afford prescription medication. If you are a new Drugstore.com customer, you can order a 90-day supply of over 1,000 different generics and receive a rebate check for the cost of a 30-day supply. It is available to first time customers only and does not work with insurance co-pays.
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  • Once a Year Osteoporosis Drug on the Way
    by West Conner
    A new drug called Reclast may make it possible to reduce osteoporosis fractures with a single annual infusion that takes 15 minutes. Reclast\'s maker, Novartis, is preparing to submit Reclast for FDA approval as an osteoporosis treatment.
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