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Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert
Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert

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Wal-mart $4 Generic Plan, Exposed?
by West Conner
Most of the talk about Wal-mart\'s big $4 generic plan has died down. This got me thinking, why would Wal-mart do this? Why did they launch this program when they did? Is this really a good deal?
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  • How to Be Seen As an Expert Or Authority Figure
    by Tom Justin
    Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, you can now create higher levels of credibility to impress your peers, potential customers, associates or employers. You can do this by creating a powerful online digital presence. Your digital presence can be anything from websites, ezine articles, blogs, ebooks, special reports, online courses, social websites to an online newsletter. You will eventually want to be thinking of most to all of the above. But one step at a time!
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  • Lose Weight, Use Less Gas
    by West Conner
    There was a study that just came out that says we, as Americans, are spending more money on gasoline for our vehicles because we weigh more. The study found that we weigh an average of 24 more pounds than we did in 1960. This equates to about one billion gallons of gas more per year, roughly $2.2 billion, than 46 years ago.
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  • Another Useless Drug
    by West Conner
    Iíve been criticized a few times for picking on the drug companies. I know they are a business and must do what they have to do to survive. My pet peeve is when they combine two cheap, inexpensive generic medications into an expensive brand name drug.
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  • Imagine Being Upgraded and Sitting Next to Sir Ric
    by Richard Parkes Cordock
    This is exactly what happened to one lucky passenger, Jason Murphy, who found himself sitting in the most coveted seat on a plane, 1A. As you'll read in a moment, Jason was asked to move over and make way for a VIP passenger, and little did Jason know at the time, that he was to share his journey with hyper-successful, billionaire-entrepreneur - Sir Richard Branson. Here is Jason's own account of that now infamous flight.
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  • How Your Doctor Decides Which Medication is Right
    by West Conner
    You go to your doctorís office for a routine check-up. Everything is fine but your cholesterol is a little high. The doctor wants to put you on medication because lowering your cholesterol will significantly reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Sounds good until you get to the pharmacy and realize this will cost you a hundred dollars a month, for life. Why would my doctor prescribe a medication for me that is going to cost $1,200 a year? Why didnít he choose something a little cheaper? Why didnít he tell me about eating better and exercising?
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