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Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert
Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert

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Another generic; another dirty trick
by West Conner
Another antihistamine is now available in generic, potentially saving you money at the pharmacy counter. Zyrtec had $1.2 billion in sales in 2006, the latest figure available. Whenever a patent expires and the generic becomes available, the manufacturer loses virtually 100% of sales.
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  • Medication Errors and How To Prevent Them
    by West Conner
    The Institute of Medicine recently published the conclusion of their study on prescription errors. The results were shocking to both the health care community and the general public.
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  • Imagine Being Upgraded and Sitting Next to Sir Ric
    by Richard Parkes Cordock
    This is exactly what happened to one lucky passenger, Jason Murphy, who found himself sitting in the most coveted seat on a plane, 1A. As you'll read in a moment, Jason was asked to move over and make way for a VIP passenger, and little did Jason know at the time, that he was to share his journey with hyper-successful, billionaire-entrepreneur - Sir Richard Branson. Here is Jason's own account of that now infamous flight.
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  • How Much Are You Spending at the Pharmacy?
    by West Conner
    Prescription medication is vital to the practice of medicine. How often have you gone to the doctor for a problem and not walked out with a prescription? I can say with confidence, probably not too often.
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  • Another medication to consider not taking
    by West Conner
    Keflex (cephalexin) has been around since 1970. It has been available in generic form for decades and is still one of the most popular medications prescribed. It has been available in 250mg and 500mg capsules for all these years until now. Suddenly, drug manufacturer Advancis has announced a 750mg capsule. Of course this new strength will only be available in brand name and comes with a hefty price tag.
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  • How to Be Seen As an Expert Or Authority Figure
    by Tom Justin
    Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, you can now create higher levels of credibility to impress your peers, potential customers, associates or employers. You can do this by creating a powerful online digital presence. Your digital presence can be anything from websites, ezine articles, blogs, ebooks, special reports, online courses, social websites to an online newsletter. You will eventually want to be thinking of most to all of the above. But one step at a time!
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