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Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert

The Affiliate Review Page for Google Adwords

Jeff Kopp
Copyright © 2008
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Many successful affiliate marketers agree that the review page method is one of the most effective ways of promoting your affiliate product online. The review page accomplishes three key things that every marketer should focus on:

1. Creates a unique page of content for your readers and potential buyers
2. Establishes you as an “independent expert reviewer” and builds credibility
3. Shows you are serious about promoting the product

If you’ve been around affiliate marketing for some time, you may remember the days when you could throw up a Google Adwords ad and directly link to your merchant’s page with an affiliate link and generate sales. That method worked well for a few years until the infamous “Google Slap” in 2006. Basically, Google realized that lots of folks were using this method, and the quality of the search content was suffering. Therefore, they decided to limit the number of advertisers who could promote the same page to just one per keyword. While this hurt a large number of PPC advertisers overnight, in the long run it forced affiliate marketers to put more time and effort into promoting their products the right way.

Perhaps the most effective way to promote an affiliate product on Adwords is to register your own unique domain name, host your own review page with unique content, and promote products that are very targeted to your specific keywords. There are a number of theories as to Adwords strategy, and I won’t go into that here. What I will cover are some basics for setting up a review page to promote your affiliate product(s).

• Register a domain name that is specific enough to your niche, but general enough to use for several similar products.
• Choose two to five products that you wish to promote in the niche.
• Buy these products and thoroughly evaluate them. Make a table of pros and cons (bullet points will work) for each product. Think about who would find the product useful, and who might not get much use from the product.
• Choose the “top” product from your list and write a glowing review about it.
• Write reviews for your other products, but point out the obvious flaws.
• Include all of these products on your review page, with your affiliate link beside each one. Put your “top” product first, and be sure to tell your viewer that it is your top choice based on your evaluation. List the inferior products below, and include your affiliate link (people will buy these products too!)
• Write your reviews concisely, and use either bullet points or a numerical scoring system (i.e. 9 out of 10 etc) to let your readers know how each product scored based on your review criteria.
• Make sure to put links at the bottom of your page to any blog you might have, or other websites you own that are similar in nature. (Hint: Google likes this!)
• Make a generic “Terms of Service or Privacy policy” page and link to it at the bottom of your review page. (Again, Google will reward you with an improved page quality score for doing so)
• Be sure to weave in your main keywords into your page. Place them in the reviews, the title, and the Meta tags. Don’t overdo it; just make sure to use each keyword once or twice throughout your page.
• Promote your page on Adwords using the main keywords from your page in your ad! This consistency will pay off in quality score!
• TEST, TEST, TEST, and did I mention TEST?

For an example of a review page that has been very successful promoting Clickbank products, check out www.threereviews.com/homebusiness/ForcedMoney.html

Best of luck in your endeavors!

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