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Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert Interviewing Authors
Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert
Tim Knox, author, speaker, entrepreneur, small business expert

"Learn How To Build Your Very Own Online Empire That Cranks Out Money Even While You Sleep From Two Of The World's Top eBay and Internet Marketing Experts And Teachers: Tim Knox and Jim Cockrum!"
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Tim Knox and Jim Cockrum Supercharge Your Online Business DVD Set
The Supercharge Your Online Business Seminar was recorded live at a private, invitation-only seminar In Huntsville, AL. The seminar ran two full days and attendees from as far away as Canada and England paid as much as $795 to attend.

Now you can get the same information presented at the live seminar and previously sold for $497 on CD for a fraction of the live seminar price (this offer is for the downloadable version only, you are NOT buying DVDs).

  • Jim Cockrum Video Seminars Include:
    • Essential eBay Tools For Success
    • The Power of eBay
  • Tim Knox Video Seminars Include:
    • How To Create Multiple Streams of Online Income
    • How To Create Your Own Information Product Empire
  • 5 Downloadable Audio Files
    • Over 6 hours of live presentations on video
    • Over 2 hours of live Q&A sessions
  • PDF Presentation Notes
    • 70 pages of Tim and Jim's Powerpoint presentation slides so you can follow along just like the live audience did.

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What Makes These Seminar Recordings So Special?
Because Big Foot Makes More Public Appearances
Than Jim Cockrum!

Tim Knox and Jim Cockrum Supercharge Your Online Business DVD Set
Jim and his lovely wife, Andrea,
in a rare photo without
their four sons.
This is only the SECOND TIME IN SIX YEARS that Jim has taught in front of a live audience about eBay and Internet success.

The first and only other time Jim spoke in public was on an eBay Training Cruise he and Tim did with fellow eBay expert Mike Enos.

It was over a midnight snack in the cruise's deserted restaurant that the idea for this small, limited attendance weekend was born.

Tim and Jim both have the heart of a teacher and are truly dedicated to helping others succeed.

But as Tim would say in his best Alabama accent:

"Getting Jim to appear at a live events is like pulling teeth!"

It really is no exageration.

If you had any idea how hard it is to get Jim Cockrum to make a public appearance you'd be standing in a chair cheering right now because Jim DOES NOT speak in public.

Jim has been invited to speak at all the big "Internet Marketing" events where he could have made thousands and thousands of dollars just for a 30 minute speech and sold thousands of dollars in products at the back of the room.

Jim turned every one of those invitations down cold.

The ONLY reason Jim agreed to teach at this private weekend seminar is as a personal favor to Tim.

And as Tim will tell you, it still took an enormous amount of arm twisting on his part before Jim agreed.

Why Has Jim Turned Down Every Other Invitation
He's Ever Gotten To Speak At Any Training Event?

Tim Knox and Jim Cockrum Supercharge Your Online Business DVD Set
Jim, Andrea, and the boys
during a recent trip
to DisneyWorld.
Because he doesn't have to travel to make an incredible six-figure living.

Jim values free time with his beautiful family more than anything.

Jim's philosophy on creating the good life is simple...

Determine the lifestyle you want to live, then build a business that cranks out revenue on autopilot to provide for that lifestyle from a minimum amount of work.

That's why Jim built an online business that generates high six-figure revenues every year and only requires 10 to 20 hours a week of his time.

The rest of the time he's playing with the kids and just enjoying life.

Imagine what Jim could achieve if he worked his business full time!

The simple truth is that Jim doesn't have to travel and speak to prove himself to anyone!

Jim's Online Success Is Legendary...

  • Jim has been selling on eBay since 1997 and has been helping others start successful eBay businesses since 2000. He has written books, multiple articles and done many magazine and newspaper interviews about how to run a successful business on eBay.

  • Jim runs a vast Internet Empire that pulls in nearly 30 income streams with just a few hours of his time per week. Jim refuses to work ANOTHER MINUTE! He'll share how he pulls that off with you at the seminar!

  • He is best known for his top selling eBook titled "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay" that has become the all time best selling eBay eBook in the world because of its unique and creative approach to success online.

  • Nearly 100,000 readers also enjoy his "Creative eBay Selling" newsletter that he has been publishing since 2002. It's the most read eBay success newsletter in the world for good reason.

  • He specializes in teaching others how to create automatic income streams on the Internet using eBay and creative Internet maketing approaches.

  • Listening to Jim you'll hear the most creative approaches IN THE WORLD to success on eBay. Many "gurus" and massively successful eBay entrepreneurs attribute the success they've had to Jim's simple yet powerfully creative and effective advice.

  • The list of testimonials of people he's helped find success online is long and very telling. Jim's ideas simply work.

Who has benefited from Jim's concepts?

People that had never heard of eBay are now earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on eBay in some cases.

There are also people earning the extra part-time level income that has made a huge difference in their family budget... and everything in between.

What You Will Learn From Jim

Jim's teaching style is casual, yet very informative. He uses plain English and real life examples to demonstrate his points. From Jim you will learn:

  • The two steps to massive Internet success that he's taught his closest friends to use and PROSPER from.

  • The exact information and resources that he's shared with some of his closest friends from his own hometown - and the HUGE Internet empires that have resulted.

  • The real secret of how he grew his OPT-IN mailing list to 100,000. He's never revealed this information before ANYWHERE.

  • The beauty, simplicity and huge AUTOMATED profits that come from digital products (ebooks, simple online videos, membership sites etc.)

  • His simple theory on writing successful eBooks. It starts with eBay!

  • The essential tools you must have to succeed on the Internet.

  • Why eBay still represents the greatest business opportunity in the world (not for the reasons you might think).

  • How he's become a top affiliate for names like: The Internet Marketing Center (The company started by Corey Rudl), Tim Knox, Rosalind Gardner, Sellers-voice.com, Mpire.com and MANY more.

  • His simple tips and advice for growing and using opt-in mailing lists.

  • The best $50 investment he's ever made (you could do this too!). It's made him hundreds of thousands and counting.

  • How he comes up with over 30 income streams ALL OF WHICH ARE completely or nearly hands free.

  • How he deals with customer support (it's crazy simple, and effective).

  • A free copy and priceless advice about his FIRST ever ebook that you've probably never heard of (from 2001) that still sells several copies every week without him lifting a finger. It's only 20 pages long, costs $30 and sells like MAD. Anyone could do this!

  • Exactly how to boost your eBay profits by 50 to 500% with simple ONE TIME TINY changes to your auction listings.

  • How to creative LIFE TIME INCOME from your auction visitors.

  • And much more!

Learn The Real Secrets To Jim's Incredible Success!
Just listen to Jim and get ready for your life to change!

I honestly doubt that Jim will ever make such a commitment again as he did when appearing at this live event, so if you want to learn directly from Jim, this very well could be your only chance EVER.

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The next thing that makes this audio series so unique is...

"For The First Time Ever Tim Knox Will Pull Back The Curtain And Teach You Exactly How He Built His Mega Online Empire From Scratch In Just Two Years!"

Tim Knox and Jim Cockrum Supercharge Your Online Business DVD Set
Tim has taught thousands of people how to start and prosper with their own online business.
Tim is considered to be one of the top business writers and entrepreneurial trainers on the planet. Tim is too modest to tell you that himself, but it's true.

Through his syndicated newspaper columns and hundreds of online articles, his public speaking, entrepreneurial mentoring and personal consulting, Tim has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start, manage and prosper in business.

Tim has been interviewed by ABC News, FOX News, The NY Post, Entrepreneur, Business Week, Fast Company, and many others on the topics of small business, internet marketing, eBay, and entrepreneurship.

Tim is a serial entrepreneur who has been starting and building
businesses for over 10 years.

He is the CEO of four highly successful technology companies and in just two short years has become one of the Internet's Foremost Authorities on creating multiple streams of online income.

Tim Knox and Jim Cockrum Supercharge Your Online Business DVD Set
Tim started out dirt poor, but he never gave up his dream of success. Here are a few of Tim's toys at his house. His Lexus SC430, Mercedes 500SL,
and Jaguar S-Type.

The Tim Knox Newsletter, is read by over 60,000 subscribers each and every week. im is also recognized as one of the Internet's top product producers and marketers in the country.

He earns hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from his own products, and his entire operation is automated to the point that Tim even makes money even when he's sleeping or on vacation with his family.

Clients have paid up to $2,500 for an hour of Tim's time. The bottom line is if anyone can show you how to make money online, it's Tim Knox.

Now You Have The Opportunity To Learn Personally From Tim As He Teaches You Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Own Online Business.

What You Will Learn From Tim

Tim will be teaching two of his top programs: "How To Create Multiple Streams of Online Income" and "How To Create Your Own Information Product Empire." You'll learn:

  • Why there is no such thing as a "good job."

  • How to create multiple streams of income that flow like rivers of cash every month

  • Why diversification and automation are the real keys to success

  • How to create income streams that flow even while you're asleep or on vacation

  • Why trading hours for dollars limits your earning potential

  • How to set up your business to run completely on autopilot

  • How to build a six-figure business while working just a few hours a week

  • How to do the work once, then get paid, paid, paid over and over again

  • Why every entrepreneur should have an eBay business even if you never sell a single thing

  • How to create your own information product empire from scratch, even if you can't spell your own name

  • How to make thousands of dollars every month even if you don't have a product of your own to sell

  • How to get an ebook created for you for less than $100

  • How to set up joint ventures with the big dogs to fast track your sales

  • How making one little change can double and even triple your product's sales price

  • How Tim makes tens of thousands of dollars every month with affiliate programs

  • What is internet marketing and how can it make you tons of cash

  • How to make sure there is a burning need for your product even before you create it

  • How to use niche marketing to put even more dollars in your pocket

  • How to get paid just for getting someone to fill out a survey form

  • How to build a website without any technical or design knowledge

  • How to add a shopping cart and payment system to your site with just a few clicks of a mouse

  • How to market your skills and get paid up to $100 an hour

  • How to create and market your own information product from A to Z.

  • And a whole lot more!

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As Tim Would Say, "OK, Enough Fiddling Around!"

I'm not going to bore you any further with a long sales pitch because to be quite honest, there simply is no need for it.

You've reached this page because either Jim or Tim or one of their trusted partners personally invited you here. This offer is for those subscribers only, not the general public, so you probably know Tim and Jim pretty well already.

You get their newsletters, you read their articles, and you've listened to their advice for years.

There's no need for me to waste any more of your time tooting their horns.

Either you're excited at the prospect of an up close and personal learning session with Jim and Tim or you're not.

It's as simple as that.

If you do take advantage of this offer Jim & Tim Make You This Guarantee: "WE WILL HOLD NOTHING BACK!"

A Personal Message To You From Jim & Tim:

Tim Knox and Jim Cockrum Supercharge Your Online Business DVD Set "We want you to succeed in your own online business as we have and with The Supercharge Your Online Business Seminar we are giving you all the tools you need to get started.

"Simply put the principles that we teach into action, give yourself time to learn and TAKE ACTION!

"Remember, those who acquire the knowledge and take action are the ones who will succeed in life and in business.

"It is now up to YOU to take these tools and build the business and life that you want to lead."


Jim Cockrum and Tim Knox

P.S. We would love to tell our subscribers about your online success! Keep us posted!

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